Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sewing Class: Drawstring Backpack

This backpack is super easy and quick to make. I think it would be
great for putting gifts in instead of gift bags. Can't you just see yourself
as "that" mom? The one with the most creative gifts that everyone compliments you on? I can.


  1. I'm teaching a sewing class this summer, and I'm following your tutorial because I think it's the simplest for beginning sexists (while still being lined). Thank you! I do have one suggestion for improvement: the openings in the casing end up sort of folded in on themselves. Of course, the cords then force them to face outward, but it's not quite RIGHT. I fixed this by folding in the side edges of the casing the same amount as the few-steps-later long side seam allowance before turning down the one-inch casing at the top.

    1. ...sewists... (stupid autocorrect)