Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Pattern-Free Summer: Back to School

We are happy to be a homeschooling family so back to school is a little different for us. We are involved in many classes outside of the home and this year we will be joining a co-op. A co-op is kind of like regular school for a day. The kids have different classes throughout the day, all taught by other parents. The kids all need backpacks for co-op. My oldest two children pitched a fit about getting cool, store-bought ones, much to my sadness. The younger three didn't really have a choice, although they did really like the ones I made. I let each girl pick out their own fabric. The twins picked out Dora and Minnie Mouse. My middle picked out, her all time favorite, kitty cats. I found a tutorial on making your own pattern here: Paterning a Backpack. I have made my own backpack pattern in the past and used that for the twins' smaller ones but I really liked the straps on this one. I added a lining to mine as well.

The kitty's mouth is a pocket and the twins are always wanting to "feed the kitty". 

 I added a little ruffle to the side. I think it adds a little flair to it but it also helped when I sewed it together. I didn't have to have my measurements exact.

I made myself a bag as well. It is a messenger bag that turns into a backpack. (It looks a little wonky hanging up but it's not. I promise.) It has a padded pocket for my laptop, pockets for my Kindle, phone, and all the cords. I have no link for this. It is something that I designed myself.

We also have to take a packed lunch with us on co-op days. I bought a large canvas cooler on clearance at Target and made some snack bags. Here are some of the ones I have made. The second one is pretty big and can be used for sharing.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Pattern-Free Summer: Homemade Pull-Ups

The twins are around that all-fun potty training age. Little Bits has no desire whatsoever to even try. Miss Mommy, on the other hand, pretty much self potty trained herself before she was two. I went to the store and was appalled by the price of pull-ups. (I'm sure we have all been at one time or another.) And like every other crafter, I said to myself, "I can make that!" So I did. I bought PUL (waterproof) fabric and used old t-shirts to make a few pairs. They work great! I used 2 layers of fleece inside of the lining to absorb. I found a free pattern and tutorial for undies here: Easy-On Potty Training Pants. I found this pattern to be a little small for my girls so I altered it a bit to make them bigger.

I found this adorable butterfly PUL at Hobby Lobby and used my coupon, making my 1/2 yard only $4. I used old t-shirts that I had laying around but you could pick up some thrifted ones for cheap. I think that I estimated that I could get 10 pairs out of the 1/2 yard of PUL. So, including the elastic for the waistband, I will have spent less than $10 for 10 pair of reusable homemade pull-ups. Not bad at all!