Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Aid Pouch

It's kind of an unspoken motto that I live by, "the best things in life are practical and cute." That's why my kids' pillowcases have zippered pockets built in, our hair brushes have gemstones on them, and we have homemade grocery bags. That's also why I married my husband, he's practical and cute. (Hahaha, just a little joke.) So when I stumbled across a tutorial for a first aid pouch I just had to make one for myself. I changed the size of mine (mine is 6" x 4.5" finished) and deviated from the sewing directions a bit (I used my own steps for sewing a zippered pouch, found here: Zippered Pencil Pouch ) but the idea is the same. I can't decide whether to put it in the car or the diaper bag. I guess I will just have to make two.

The tutorial I found is located here: Emergency Zippered Pouch by aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com. They have some really cute stuff so go check them out.

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