Saturday, July 6, 2013

Organizing and Child Proofing

Right now my craft desk has gates all around it. The twins are 2 but they are still into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!! They are completely fascinated with my desk and always go straight for my pins. I would really love to take the gate down, especially since they have figured out how to climb over it. I have a closet for all of my craft supplies but I need a way to store things that I use on a regular basis. I found this magnetic dry erase board with metallic finish. I would eventually like to get a nice frame and put sheet metal in it but this works for now. I also found some little metal containers with magnets on the back. I glued magnets to the back of tin cans, paper clips, and my pin cushion. Next time I will get stronger magnets but these work for now. I glued ribbon on the inside of the cans to cover the sharp edges.


  1. Good idea and will be cute when you make it all fancy!

  2. Super cute and such a great idea!