Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I recently bought a pattern from an indie doll designer. I could not resist. Everything she has is completely adorable. The company is called Dolls and Daydreams and you can find it here. I bought the flower fairy pattern. I started out following the pattern exactly, minus the wings. Each one I made I changed a little. They are supposed to be Christmas surprises for my girls but they have all seen them. They talk about them all the time so I think it's safe to say they will love their gifts.

This little lady was made just as the pattern suggested, minus the wings.

I gave this one cheeks and two ponies instead of one.

I got real creative on this one. She has different eyes, hearts as cheeks, braids, leggings, and a headband.

As you can see, this one is still a work in progress. I just love her little tights and her crown. She is a gift for my one and only niece. My oldest would die of embarrassment if I gave her a doll. (Oh yes, we are at that wonderful pre-teen stage.)


  1. These are seriously sooo adorable!! I will have to place an order for one for our baby girl once she arrives and we get an idea of what color hair she might have. :-) I just love these.

  2. Omg these are sooo cute! What lucky little girls! Can I place an order for myself one ;)

  3. Amy, absolutely! Ashlee, she also makes a little boy super hero doll and teddy bears based on the same pattern. I may have to see what I can come up with. ;)